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CEO Karel Pecl

With these struggles at hand we believe the AX Factory is the perfect solution for you. Supplying you with all the necessary manpower for a competitive cost will enable you to take on any project you want


Today’s Dynamics AX companies don’t have to rely solely on their own manpower to get the job done. Everyone wants big projects but not everyone has enough human resources to manage them. Also the cost of Dynamics AX specialists is usually very high.

Using a Dynamics AX Shared Services Centre can help you overcome not just the problem of limited manpower and its cost but can also add additional skills and services to yours. With us, you will be able to offer your customers something more and new!

Our AX Factory can fill in the blanks in your development team. We can design/develop/test in Dynamics AX for you! Why do we call it the AX Factory? You put your request to us, we do the work and you receive a complete product. Just like any process in any factory in the world.

We know the reality of Dynamics AX projects and how demanding and difficult they are from the point of project management, manpower, costs, etc.

What are the typical issues that AX companies struggle with?

  • Not enough developers/consultants.
  • Lack of the necessary expertise for some parts of their projects.
  • No option to offer 24×7 AX support.
  • Lack of a 2nd set of eyes when encountering a significant problem.
  • Expansion with their current manpower is difficult/impossible.
  • MD costs are too high.

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